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Fertilisers & Adjuvants


Responsible care is everyone’s obligation when deploying liquid fertilisers, not only in reducing surface run off of nutrients but to maintain the soil in such a condition that its hydraulic conductivity is promoted, its acidification is avoided and its micro fauna environment is nurtured.

At CHT we are focused on the hydraulic conductivity of soils and the consequent conductivity of nutrients in the rhizospehere. Our technology promotes the fine tuning of surface tension and charge balance to achieve certain hydraulic conductivity objectives, and our fertiliser recipes are focused on the interface of the root and the nutrient. When both these perspectives are combined a new fertigation paradigm opens up.

Furthermore, our fertiliser concept is designed to promote the establishment biotic environments for propagation of micro fauna to induce release of fertilisers especially phosphorous, potassium and manganese. Our technology also provides opportunity to retard the dissolution of urea, by fixing it and other nutrients to a Carbon Coated Minerals back bone.

Biochar is well known to provide significant benefits to enhancing soil health and increasing crop yields. Biochar has however until recently been deployed in large quantities and as dry material to be worked into the rhizospehere.

Now, CHT's Carbon Coated Minerals are prepared for application in discreet dosages directly to the rhizosphere in a liquid dispersion through the fertigation system. It is supported by soil conditioning chemistry that controls its degree of its infiltration and spread through the soil. CHT Carbon Coated Mineral Fertilisers are also formulated to provide a slow release quanta of NP and K through bacterial degradation in compliment to the regular fertilising program.

  • foliar fertilisers
  • soil slow release NPK fertiliser
  • soil amendments with nano Gypsum or Lime.
  • adjuvants for NPK fertiliser

The strength of the CHT Carbon Coated Minerals is that they are micronized and nanonised so that they are stable in dispersion and small enough to be in close contact with the root system .

The other aspect of CHT Carbon Coated Minerals is that they are able to absorb N, P,  and K from the NPK fertiliser so that these are released slowly over the course of the growing season. This makes them potentially a strong partner (adjuvant) to any liquid NPK formulation to mitigate leaching and run off.

The effect of surface tension engineering of the biochar coated mineral can be seen in this report:

Such mechanism bodes well to mitigate excessive release of nitrogen too early after application of the fertiliser.

At this point then most fertilising and soil amelioration can happen with one product in one or two application per growing season through the fertigation system. CHT Carbon Coated Minerals can be infused with any nutrient as required, to specifically answer any mineral shortfall in the rhizosphere.


* Electron microscop image shows carbon coated mineral