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The preparation of liquid recipes for deployment to agriculture foliar and soil applications as liquid fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are constantly challenged to become more efficient and more economical.

To meet these challenges, these preparations need the synergistic assistance of adjuvants to promote the deployment and localization of the active ingredient to where its efficacy will be most appropriate.

Adjuvants are materials added to a herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, or foliar fertilizer in a tank mix to enhance or modify the interface of the active ingredient and the target substrate to ensure a more effective and efficient distribution.

CHT Adjuvants now include a range of inert materials carried on Carbon Coated Mineral particles that promote the establishment of biologically active zones for cultivating desirable pH, bacterial and electrostatic activities. Carbon Coated Minerals adjutancy is the newest, and most efficient, way to promote soil health and retard leaching properties. Additionally we can now custom formulate adjuvants to a myriad of functionalities that enhance your recipes.

Preparations such as foliar sprays are normally prepared prior to application. One important function of a foliar fertilizer or pesticide adjuvant is its ability to maximize the penetration of the active ingredient into the leaf or the pest. These functions are correlated to the adjuvant’s imparted surface tension and spreading properties to cover the substrate as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

You can see comparative data of various adjuvants in the following reports.

CHT‘s range of adjuvants, are generally of a type that can be listed as inert materials, and these include nonionic siloxanes, cationic siloxanes, anti-foaming systems, dispersing aids, anti-deposition agents, and Carbon Coated Mineral dispersions.

What do they do?

  • enhance the delivery of the pesticide to the targeted pest
  • maximize the absorption of the pesticide into the target
  • protect against degradation after application
  • stabilize the preparation by maintaining viscosity and avoiding settling
  • surfactants decrease leaf surface tension helping to evenly distribute the active component onto the plant surface
  • increase the droplet adhesion to plant surfaces
  • aid penetration through waxy leaf surfaces
  • reduce evaporation of spray droplets
  • create slow release functionality
  • increase biotic functionality

* Electron microscop image shows carbon coated mineral 



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