Carbon Coated Minerals

Adjuvants & Slow Release Fertilisers

CHT Carbon Coated Micronised Minerals are the newest structure for the preparation of holistic fertilsers to promote biotic soil health.
Explore the diagram above, and you will see how structured source of minerals and complexing agents can come together in powder or dispersion.
See the holistic approach to fertigation and soil amelioration can happen. Allow yourself to think of the possibilities and let us help you design a solution to improve your soil health.
CHT Carbon Coated Minerals can be formulated as adjuvants for various agrichem treatments, supplements to NPK systems, or as a standalone fertilser system.
Special mention is made to the invaluable assistance of and collaboration with Professor Stephen Joseph (AM) in the realisation of the carbon coated minerals and fertilisers products mentioned on this web site.
Biochar highlighted on ABC TV

The Great Acceleration
Series 1 Episode 4 Food, Water, Waste

Rising demands for food, water and materials have pushed resources to the limit and at the same time waste is piling high - triggering a new wave of innovation to make more out of less.

Please visit: the ABC website here. 


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